Hand Lettered December Daily

My very first creative love (as an adult) was scrapbooking.  It started with a trip to Australia many years ago.  I wanted to save our memories so we could look at them and started with a single scrapbook.  I definitely pulled on my experience with doing some Creative Memories with my mom waaaay back in the day.  While I look at the album now and say, yikes, but I am so glad that I dropped …

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Monoline Magic

I do a ton of work with my brush pens… and I love them a lot!  However, I feel like there is a pen in my arsenal that is underrepresented in my shared work!  I love my monoline pens (and pencils) and think they have really helped my lettering skills. It seems a little counter-intuitive to think about a non-brush pen helping my brush lettering, but there is a really important reason!  When I don’t have …

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Dry Watercolors!

Do you remember those old fashioned coloring books that were just add water?  They had some kind of polka dot ink that you added a wet paintbrush too and made magic.  I loved doing them and as an adult, I realize my mom liked them because they didn’t involve getting out paints and less mess. I haven’t seen one in a long time and I think my son would love to do it!  So, I …

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