Glue Embossing!

I love something a little bit shiny on a project – card, art print, scrapbook page or other goodie!  I think it harkens back to ALL the episodes of What Not to Wear I watched as a high school and college student.  Stacy and Clinton used to beat into people’s heads that an outfit needs four things to look complete: color, texture, pattern, and shine.  We won’t comment on the lack of texture or shine …

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Liquid Watercolors… from Pens!

So, I have a small confession.  I am a terrible painter.  Like really terrible.  I can’t stay in the lines, the flowers never look like flowers, and I never feel like I have the right brush movement going on.  I have taken watercolor classes, a watercolor lettering class, and had in person tutorial with my bestie… but alas, I still can’t make it look right!  I love the appearance of watercolors and apparently my string …

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Dry Watercolors!

Do you remember those old fashioned coloring books that were just add water?  They had some kind of polka dot ink that you added a wet paintbrush too and made magic.  I loved doing them and as an adult, I realize my mom liked them because they didn’t involve getting out paints and less mess. I haven’t seen one in a long time and I think my son would love to do it!  So, I …

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