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I am so glad you are here to share in a lettering journey!  I am a lefty letterer and middle-school-teacher-turned-calligrapher and would love to help you develop your own lettering story!

Looking to start lettering?  Peek around and find a class near you or send me an email and we can get started on a collaboration of your own!





Anyone can letter! I promise – it doesn’t matter if you have delightful handwriting or it looks like a dumpster fire!  I have the resources you need to get started on your lettering journey!

This is not my regular handwriting

Want to step up your envelope and package game?  Need to make something special for a gift?

Hand lettering is a vehicle to make anything look special!  Join me for a class to learn the basics of hand lettering or check out my list of favorite supplies!

Jar with Pens
Watercolor and Swatch Square