• Chalk Lettering

    by letteringwithlesley
    6 Lessons

    Welcome! I am so glad you are here to learn how to make amazing lettered pieces with chalk!  Before we get started, you will need a few basic materials.  If you didn’t purchase a kit, use this Shopping List right here!  I recommend a board at least 8″x10″.  The chalkboard I will be using is 12″x16″.  Of course, a bigger one is just fine too!  I have a large board hanging in my hallway that …

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  • Beginning Hand Lettering

    by letteringwithlesley
    10 Lessons

    Hello! I am so thrilled you are here to letter with me!  If you don’t have your supplies yet, grab this shopping list right here and be sure to have a copy of the workbook handy too!  Hand lettering is a journey that will take a bit lot of patience with yourself and a little time, but I promise, it will be worth it! My promise to you is this: follow the directions, ask for …

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