Lesley Miller
Tombow Dual Brush Pen Lettered Piece

Colorful Pen Roundup!

Hey Guys! I get asked about my favorite pens and pen recommendations regularly.  I will be honest, my two favorite pens are definitely the Tombow Fudenosuke Pens – hard and soft nib.  But sometimes, I need a little bit of color in my life and it is so hard to find the perfect pens!  I letter on a budget and don’t like spending a fortune on pens – especially crappy ones.  I do, however, enjoy …

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Liquid Watercolors… from Pens!

So, I have a small confession.  I am a terrible painter.  Like really terrible.  I can’t stay in the lines, the flowers never look like flowers, and I never feel like I have the right brush movement going on.  I have taken watercolor classes, a watercolor lettering class, and had in person tutorial with my bestie… but alas, I still can’t make it look right!  I love the appearance of watercolors and apparently my string …

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Dry Watercolors!

Do you remember those old fashioned coloring books that were just add water?  They had some kind of polka dot ink that you added a wet paintbrush too and made magic.  I loved doing them and as an adult, I realize my mom liked them because they didn’t involve getting out paints and less mess. I haven’t seen one in a long time and I think my son would love to do it!  So, I …

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Summer Book Marks

Ready to get your summer reading on?  Grab these super cute free bookmarks to save your place when you read by edge of the pool or lake… or playground this summer! I love using the list bookmark to keep track of other books that are on my to-be-read list – and a quick place to jot down a title that I see when we are out and about on the town. These summer (or fall! …

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