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I am so thrilled to be a contributing letterer for Penultimate Magazine!  Check out the magazine for recommendations, tutorials, and all things lettering.  Want to grab your copy?  Go to Black Chalk Collective to get yours!

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Featured on Calligrascape


I am thrilled to have been featured on my favorite Instagram vacation spot - Calligrascapes!  Travel all over the world - hand lettering included!

I finished this piece on a family trip to "Frisco" (as my son calls it) to see the Golden Gate Bridge!


I have been loving taking sermon notes!  It helps with my listening comprehension and retention in church.  Sermon Sketch Notes have been sharing tons of great note takers and I am so proud to have been one!

Sermon Sketch Note Community

I am always around and about East Tennessee teaching classes and hosting workshops!  In Chattanooga, I teach at Art Creations, The Crafty Social, and The Chattery.  In Knoxville, you can find me at Scrappin' In The City!  I can bring the letters to you in a small group, girls night out, or a birthday party.

Want to book a lettering night or get more information?  Send me an email at lesley@letteringwithlesley.com!  My current class schedule can be found on my classes page.


I am a big fan of supporting small businesses and local artists!  I try to shop for as many lettering and art supplies at local businesses.  In town, you can find me at Art Creations and Scrappin' In the City!  I have also found lots of other good places to shop when I travel - check them out in the slide show!

Small businesses are the backbone to our world and provide incredible support to budding artists and children in our community!  I would rather pay an extra dollar and have the resources of a community of artists... let's be real, the Amazon comments are never as helpful as a real human being!