Laundry Room Set


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Need to make your often used laundry space a little bit happier?  Grab these prints to spruce up your laundry nook.  Check out this blog article to see how you can up your laundry room game in 10 minutes for $10.  These prints are super easy to use – just download and print onto a sheet of cardstock and hang them up!  They make a big, boring space seem a little bit fresher.  And the best part?  These prints never need to be washed, dried, or folded!


I grabbed a set of pants hangers from Target, added a little bit of adhesive to make sure they didn’t fall out, and hung them on the wall!


These prints are a digital download and you will need to print them on your own!  You can print them on your home printer or send them to your nearest office supply store.  I do recommend printing on a cardstock.  The extra paper weight will keep it from curling up at the corners as it hangs in your laundry room.


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