Find all my favorite pens and why!

My Favorite!

Tombow Fudensuke Pen

These are my all time favorite pens!  I have *a lot* of them and are the ones I pick up whenever I have a project.  From bible journaling to a little afternoon lettering, the Fude pens are my  go-to!  They are the perfect pens to go with my lettering worksheet set.  

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Best for Big Handwriting

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

These are some of the most versatile pens on the market!  They are great for hand lettering and blending, as well as some mixed media tricks and tips.  The Dual Brush pen is great for letterers with very large hand writing.  The Dual Brush pen is also available in a smaller pack (10) and individually.  

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The Inbetweener

Prismacolor Scholar Pens

I love these pens because they are a medium width - wider than the Fude pens, but not quite as wide as the dual brush.  They do require a lot of pen pressure to get a wide downstroke.  They come in a 10 pack as well and can be blended with the Tombow Dual Brush color blender.

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Colored Fude Pens

Pentel Fude Pens

These pens write just like the Tombow Fude Soft nib pen!  They are available in twelve colors and are very durable on a variety of writing surfaces.  The silver and gold have a bit of sparkle to the ink as well.  

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Better Than A Sharpie

Tombow Monotwin

I love this all purpose pen!  One of my favorite parts is that is has a narrow and a very fine end of the pens.  It is easy to use and is permanent - so be confident before you write.  

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The Best White Pen

Uniball Signo Gel Pens

This is my favorite white pen.  These are not brush pens, just a regular gel pen.   I think I have tried all the white pens, but these are my favorite because they never skip, are consistent in width and ink flow, and have a bright white color.  

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The Lego of Brush Pens

Artline Stix Brush Pens

These pens are a great medium sized brush pen!  They are juicy and come in so many awesome colors.  Check out my full review in a blog post right here!

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