Paper Recommendations

Tracing Paper

This is probably my most used paper in my lettering stash!  Tracing paper is awesome for skills and drills and being gentle on your pen nibs.  After a lot trial and error, my favorite is the Hobby Lobby Master's Touch tracing paper and it goes 40% off regularly.  It is smooth and the coloring is even.  I often use it as a substitute for vellum.  Check my videos for all my tips and tricks with tracing paper!

Get your tracing paper here!

Smooth paper is the key to a long lasting pen!  This HP LaserJet paper is the smoothest and I keep it for practicing.  It is very gentle on your paper nibs and absorbs colored ink so you have fewer smudges.  I do a lot of my sketches and final drafts on white paper on this HP paper.

Grab your smooth LaserJet Paper right here!

This is another one of my favorites!  The Rhodia pad is suuuuper smooth and easy to write on.  The Rhodia pad also comes as a dot pad or lined pad which is great for keeping everything straight.  It is a little bit thinner than the HP and is great for tracing!  I grab this regularly on my way out the door to letter on the go!

Grab your Rhodia pad right here!

Need a piece of heavy and smooth cardstock?  This stuff is amazing!  It is very smooth and pens glide right over it.  I use it regularly to make name tents for my in-person classes.  It comes in a pack of 50 and is very reasonably priced.

Grab your super smooth Super Fine cardstock right here!

I keep a large stash of spiral notebooks in my office.  I love pencil sketching first drafts in these notebooks - the lines help me keep from moving my lines up and down.  Plus, they are super cheap (always a win)!  I usually stock up at back to school time when these spirals go to 10 cents in August.

Grab your spiral notebooks right here!

I just got one of these bad boys this Fall and I love lettering in it!  It is the perfect size to ride in my purse and do a little bit of lettering here and there.  The dots are great for making sure that your lines are straight and the pages are really smooth.  Plus, the little band keeps it from flopping open and getting all kinds of purse junk stuck on my paper!

Grab your Leuchtturm notebook here!

I also really love using May Books for lettering, plus, I love to support another small business!  The pages are really smooth and there are a ton of interior choices - including some calligraphy practice pages.  If you have never shopped May Books before, their covers are INCREDIBLY durable and have dozens of patterns to customize your final book.  You can check them our right here!

This isn't a paid endorsement; I am just a super fan!