Holiday Card Stuff and Send!

Hi friends!
I am so excited to be sharing this for the holiday card season coming up!  If you love a good holiday card (that’s me!) and hate the hassle of getting them out the dang door, I am here to help!  I don’t know about you guys, but it is so hard to get them out of the box and into envelopes and stamped and to the post office.  In a time of year when things are already INSANE, this little task is really easy to sweep to the side until it is December 21st and you rediscovered the Shutteryfly box in your closet.

So, this year, I am here to help with family or business holiday cards!  All you have to do is deliver or ship me your box of cards and I will do the rest!  I’ll address them, stuff them, stamp them, and send them out.  I can get most orders out the door in about 2 days!  So much easier than figuring out how to squeeze it in the middle of your already busy day!  Plus, you can go ahead and gather up all those addresses now, so you aren’t messaging your nomadic college friend for their latest address three days before Christmas.  It couldn’t be easier – I have a ton of options for addressing styles over on my Weddings and Parties page – and the whole process starts at $1.15 per envelope* (postage not included in this price)!

If you needed another reason, 10% of your purchase price is being donated to Standing with Sarah!  This supports a Knoxville based  letterpress and stationery shop owner – Sarah Pattison and her family as she undergoes treatment for  IBC.  You can find more information about her journey here and here.  Her family has the cutest shop, The Happy Envelope, and I have loved browsing in their store (when we lived in Knoxville) and at holiday markets when I have been back visiting.  I know that every little bit helps make their journey easier and I am honored to be able to share my part with her.

If you are ready to get your holiday cards planned, prepped, and out of your hands, drop me an email at and I can get you on the schedule!

And, be sure to drop by The Happy Envelope to do some holiday shopping!  Seriously, how cute is this place!!!  You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram here!

I can’t wait to see all these gorgeous card in the mail!

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