Fourth of July Printables!

Can you believe that it is almost the Fourth of July!? I feel like this year is flying by and I can’t believe that we are already close to July. This year is going to be our first Fourth of July that we celebrate in Chattanooga and we are planning some special things as a family. I love a good themed picnic and party (shameless, I know) and I am super excited that it doesn’t have be to themed for a little boy’s birthday party!

I am so excited to share a new set of tracers – perfect for your Fourth of July celebrations! These can be used a ton of different ways and I think you all will love them. My first goal is to use these to create a birthday card for my husband’s grandpa who has a July 4th birthday! Happy Birthday Pops!

You can snag your set of tracers in my shop for FREE right here!  This file includes the large and small set of tracers!



The best part about the double sheet of tracers is that they are created for both large and small nibbed pens! For these projects, I used a ton of different pens to practice. I used the colored Tombow Fude pens, in a hard nib, the LePen Flex brush pen, and the Pentel Sign Brush Pen.  You could also use the small nib end of the Arteza TwiMarkers.  On the larger worksheet, I used the large end of the Arteza TwiMarkers and the Tombow Dual Brush markers.  These would also be perfect for the Karin brush markers!

If you choose to use these for practice, they are perfect to use with your tracing paper or a thin sheet of practice paper – like a Rhodia pad. For the bigger pieces, I used either an HP LaserJet Smooth paper (for the small cutouts) or a cardstock for the larger pieces. If you use a thicker piece of paper, I recommend holding it up to the light coming through a window or door, white light from a iPad or tablet, or a light box. I LOVE my lightbox from Art—. It is a 9×12 inch screen so a whole sheet of paper fits on the board without bending or creasing anywhere.


Let’s head to the kitchen for a little decorating! I used these tracers and traced over the sentiments onto a thicker paper. For these parts, I used HP LaserJet Smooth paper – it is on the thick side for copy paper, but perfect for these little cutouts. After I traced my lettering, I cut out around the edge of the lettering with a pair of scissors – nothing fancy – and then taped a toothpick to the back. I used washi tape, although you could use transparent tape or glue.

They make the perfect little accessories to a fresh plate of breakfast muffins! Shoutout to my tiny helper for creating blueberry and strawberry muffins for this photoshoot. It is hard to see, but they are definitely red, white, and blue! Apparently, the fruit sank in the baking process. But, it makes this cute, seasonal plate pop and what a great way to welcome guests for a super cute breakfast plate!

Another cute way to use these is in cupcakes! If you stick one in each cupcake or just a few in the plate, they add a little seasonal pop and it makes the cupcakes even more special. I love adding the little details to any party that make it shine a little bit brighter.


The larger lettering pieces are perfect for other kinds of décor! I added a big “Let Freedom Ring” to my front door wreath to welcome our guests to our party. It is an easy way to freshen up some of the older holiday decorations.

This would also be a great addition to a floral or sparkler arrangement. Just add the lettering to a dowel or wooden kabob and drop it into the arrangement. I think there are so many places that you can add just a little hand lettering and it adds a little personal touch.  Another great use for these larger pieces is in a photo booth!  How cute would these be on little dowels for people to take pictures with!  I think they would be super easy and versatile for people to use too!


I tell my students all the time that a little bit of practice goes a long way! If you practice at least ten minutes a day, you will develop some muscle memory and it makes practicing more fun. Seriously, two weeks of hard work for a lot more enjoyable practice. And, if you are looking for things to practice, these tracers are a perfect way to try out a new font, have something to write, or just get in the holiday spirit!

My other favorite treatment to do with these is to add a little bit of texture to the larger prints.  I used a white Uniball Signo pen to add stripes and “stars” to the letters.  When I drew stars, they were looking messy, so I ended up going with polka dots that give the same effect!  I love the way these turned out – especially because I had very low expectations going into it!

Don’t forget to snag your copy of these tracers in my shop!

Below is a video of how I use them for practice and more.

Go get your letter on,

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