These are my favorite erasers!  I love that they are durable and erase cleanly without leaving any dark spots or muddying the pages with eraser smudge.  The Tombow Mono Eraser lasts a long time and work so smoothly!

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This eraser is truly magical!  It takes off ink smudges and colored pencil - WHAT!  The Sand Eraser works by taking off the top layer of paper and the accompanying color.  So, that means it works best on thicker paper, like a cardstock or drawing paper.  It is one of my most useful tools!

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Get the best of both worlds right here! The combination sand and rubber eraser keeps the magical powers of both of these together.  Plus, now you only have one eraser to keep track of!

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Tombow Dust Catch Eraser

This is another fabulous Tombow Eraser!  It erases smoothly, like the polymer white erasers, but instead of leaving little bits everywhere - all the pieces of "eraser trash" stick together and come off as a larger clump.  This is great for keeping your workspace neat and having fewer pieces to wipe off your canvas.  I love using these for my canvases - it is neater to clean up!

Grab your Dust Catch Eraser right here!