Creating Hand Lettered Signatures

Spoiler alert – this hand lettering tutorial is totally written for names, but can be adapted to any other word. A few weeks ago, I tossed out a question to my lettering group (they are awesome and we would love to have you join us!) – what do you want to learn and know about hand lettering?  I got lots of good information and hopefully you will see lots of great lessons on my blog …

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Le Pen Flex Brush Pens Flex Their Skills!

Hey everyone! I am so so so excited to get my hands on these pens!  I had seen some people using them on Instagram and I couldn’t wait to try them out.  It is hard to imagine, but I do have a tendency to get some major pen envy.  And, I was super disappointed when they weren’t available on Amazon.  Lucky enough for me, I was prepping for Pinner’s Conference and they got swept to …

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Sermon Notes Lettering Tips and Tricks

So, this is definitely one of the things I get asked most about when I share my lettering.  I love taking Sermon Notes in church every week.  It really got started because I was super envious of some other’s that I have seen and I thought to myself, “that can’t be hard.”  True to my personal form, this was my famous last words!  While it is definitely not hard, per say, it does take a …

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